Keto-Gluten-Free Cookie Cutter Dough 2lbs

Keto-Gluten-Free Cookie Cutter Dough 2lbs

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Made with Almond Flour, Eggs, Vanilla, and sugar substitute.   These are designed for being able to roll out and cut with your own cookie cutters at home. 

This comes with 24oz of Gluten-Free Icing

Makes approx. 24 Cookies

the per serving carb count is dependent on your cookie size --2inch rounds are 2g net carbs.   This is one of the lowest-net carb doughs we make.  

Need an egg substitute? or Made with a certain sugar substitute?  We can do that--just call us to place your order.

"The Why you may be thinking...Why is it so expensive? " 
Well, like all things--you get what you pay for, healthier ingredients cost more and as such are often better for your overall health.  A bag of almond flour is $12.47 versus a bag of wheat flour at around $2-$3; however almond flour contains just 11g net carbs per Cup.  Wheat flour on the other hand comes in at a whopping 95g of carbs!