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Most all things worth doing are birthed from hard work and consistency. Our Small Bakery & Cafe is no exception. Matthew, one of the owners, found his health through a program that focused first on mindset and healthy habits which led to a fairly amazing weight loss, but it was and is about so much more than weight! This led to more learning and discovering which led to a keto-centric lifestyle, lower carb foods, and alternatives were now the norm. Combining this with Jeremiah's love for sweets that won't affect his blood sugar gave birth to an idea which now allows them to share their passion with the surrounding community! So come and see how we make all the sweets and savory dishes--the Keto Way @The Keto Way Bakery & Café

We invite you to Dine-In, Carry-Out, Pickup Curbside, or we offer delivery through Uber Eats & Doordash.

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